Another iPhone Killer Lurks…

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Well, Ok. Maybe not. But Google’s news about about the premier of the G1 is big nonetheless. For those of you who missed the announcement last week, the G1 is the first portable device to rival the iPhone in terms of ease of use and software integration. First impressions seem to focus on two key differences from Apple’s market incumbent. First, the G1 is considerably larger. Second, you can get your hands on one for only $179, with contract. That is, as long as you use T-Mobile.

Ok, enough about the G1. We’ll see how it performs over the next few months- if anyone can break into the market, it’s Google. I wanted to extend last week’s coupon for the next month. If you missed my last post, here’s the deal. I’m taking $50 off your next MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair if you sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry; there are kids in the sixteen different countries where FH’s Child Sponsorship Program is operating that need food, medicine and school supplies, and your $32 a month can meet that need. Just go to and pick a kid. Email his or her ID number to in the month of October for $50 off your next LCD repair. Thanks, everybody.

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