And you thought YOUR iPhone repair story was bad…

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Ah, the dreaded iPhone repair. If you haven't been down that road, in all likelihood you know someone who has. Here at iResQ, we're inundated with iPhone repair requests, sometimes hundreds over the course of a single week. A look at our clients' repair stories reveals some common trends: iPods left in cars, dropped on pavement, and placed in the accident-prone hands of toddlers. But here are some decidedly unique repair situations from customers of ours:

  • A Minnesota man had the misfortune of walking next to a large rock at the precise moment that he tripped. Colliding with the massive slab, he himself was fine, but the iPhone in his pocket did not fare so well, and now requires a screen repair.
  • A New Mexico woman was loading the family bedsheets into the washer and in the process accidentally put her husband's iPhone in there along with them. The suds that work on cotton alas don't have the same impact on Apple devices, and the man's device didn't function afterward.
  • A young man in New Hamphsire accidentally placed his iPhone on top of his car. When driving, the device flew off and was hit by a passing vehicle. 
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