And the Emmy goes to … Apple!

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At this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, going on in Las Vegas January 8 through 11, Apple received an award despite its absence from the event. Nestled in the CES 2013's schedule of events was an evening award ceremony on January 10 at Las Vegas' Bellagio to award Apple with a Technology & Engineering Emmy.

Apple received the award for its “Eco-system for Real Time Presentation of TV Content to Mobile Devices without the use of Specialized Television Hardware.” While it was not specified exactly which Apple service this is referencing, some believe it is for one of the company's cloud-based infrastructures, the iCloud.

“Awards are presented to an individual, company, or to a scientific or technical organization for developments and/or standardization involved in engineering technologies which either represent an extensive improvement on existing methods or are so innovative in nature that they materially have affected the transmission, recording or reception of television,” the CES website explained.

Since the Technology and Engineering Emmys are considered boring, they are not shown during the televised award ceremony, according to PadGadget. If Emmy excitement causes you to drop your Apple device, iResQ's iPad replacement glass and iPhone glass repair services can help get the gadget back in working order.

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