Analysts project further decline of PCs as iPads take over

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If you’ve found yourself using your iPad for more and more tasks that used to require a computer, you’re not alone. According to a new report from Barclays Capital, PC sales are declining at a faster rate than previously projected due to increased tablet and smartphone adoption.

Analysts from the firm now expect PC sales to decline by 3 percent this year, despite initially projecting flat growth, according to MarketWatch. An earlier projection that shipments would decrease in the year ahead by 1 percent year-over-year was also revised to a 4 percent downturn.

“The consumer market remains weak and the tablet and smartphone markets continue to cannibalize the PC market; the iPad mini, new iPad and the iPhone 5 could continue to take wallet share,” analyst Ben Reitzes said.

The reason consumers and IT staff alike are working differently than previous generations is because they are  turning to mobile devices such as iPads to handle jobs that used to be done on PCs. Another recent study from the International Data Corporation found that, by 2015, more U.S. consumers will access the internet through mobile devices than through PCs, for instance.

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