An iPad for Christmas

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The iPad mini is poised to be a huge seller this Christmas, in part because it’s a great device to give kids, wrote Chris Ciaccia in a recent post on the NASDAQ website.

Ciaccia said the mini version of the iPad is appealing to parents who do not want to spend roughly $500 on a device for the kiddies. While the price might be a selling point for parents, the specs of the device itself make it kid friendly. Ciaccia pointed to the device’s light weight of about 308 grams and its thinness, which make it easy for children to carry and use.

Ciaccia compared the iPad mini favorably to other tablets on the market, which is also something the Verge’s Joshua Topolsky emphasized in a review that said the Apple offering outshines the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD. Topolsky pointed out that it taps into Apple’s superior software and high standards for construction. Although screen resolution is roughly comparable to the first-generation iPad, Topolsky noted this is not an issue. He also praised the battery life and the general character of the tablet.

“There's something endearing about the mini that makes you want to keep it on-hand and use it often,” he wrote. “It's a feeling the larger iPad never elicited in me.”

Engadget’s Tim Stevens also pointed out the advantages the device offers over the full-size iPad in terms of battery life, portability and price, claiming that the mini is not just a smaller iPad, but rather, “in many ways, Apple’s best tablet yet.”

If the iPad mini that is shiny and new on Christmas suffers an unfortunate incident that leaves it with a cracked screen, iResQ’s iPad repair service can get the device running smoothly again.

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