Accidental trash, a long rice bath and other repair stories

iPhone / General Knowledge

Don't take the iPod out with the trash

  • The situation: A Georgia man reached out to us for an iPod screen replacement after his device took an unfortunate tumble.
  • What caused it: The man was at work at the time and was charged with taking the office trash to the dumpster out back (talk about thankless work). Unfortunately on his way down something fell out of his back pocket that was decidedly not trash. Instead, it was his iPod, and the device sustained screen damage to the top third of the screen, which the man says is now consumed by a series of multi-colored horizontal and vertical lines.
  • The solution: We will have to examine the device to determine the exact cause of the problem since it may go deeper than a simple crack. 

You don't need to keep it in rice for THAT long

  • The situation: A New York man dropped his device in water and it ceased to function. Instead of immediately sending it out for repair, he decided to try the old rice trick.
  • What caused it: The man did not specify as to exactly what caused the water damage. However, he did mention that he kept the device in a bag full of rice for a whole week following the incident. While we admire the man's proactive and patient nature, we would like to point out that submerging in rice for longer than 48 hours or so won't make much of a difference. Once the 48 hour mark passes, the rice will likely have done all it could do.
  • The solution: The water damage appears to be pretty extensive, since even after the rice submersion the device is barely functioning, and the battery won't charge. We will determine the best course of action and go from there. 

A little bit of water can do a lot of damage

  • The situation: An Alabama man sent his device in for an iPhone repair after the phone displayed various bad signs such as overheating, low battery power, and an overall difficulty handling the functionalities of different applications.
  • What caused it: The man admitted that the phone had been exposed to a bit of water, but as he was quick to point out, the water damage was not anything he thought would be damaging. Still, this is an example of just how bad even a little bit of water can be to an Apple device.
  • The solution: From the sound of it he most likely needs at least an iPhone battery replacement.
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