Accessories for Apple’s iPad bring the tablet to the bathroom

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It’s no secret that people like to bring their Apple devices into the restroom to keep themselves entertained for the lengthier trips.

“We can all keep pretending like this isn’t the case, or simply acknowledge the very real need for a toilet paper dispenser which also acts as an iPad stand,” wrote IGN’s Matt Clark.

Gizmodo recently reported on a new toilet paper/iPad stand from CTA Digital, noting that it keeps the two most important things we’ve come to rely on in the bathroom in easy reach. The iPad Pedestal Stand is listed at a reasonable $45. The general response to this bathroom accessory has been a mix of disgust with how normal it has become to use our devices in the restroom and excitement at the fact that it is now even easier to do so.

Some have even claimed that the only thing missing from this accessory is a splash guard for the screen and an attachment for a bottle of disinfectant. You may remember CTA Digital’s iPotty, which was showcased at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s fair to say that CTA Digital is dedicated to putting the world of the iPad at your fingertips, no matter what the environment might be.

The bathroom is also one of the rooms of the home where iPads and iPhones are damaged the most. A recent study from SquareTrade found that 16 percent of all iPhone accidents occur in the bathroom. Furthermore, 9 percent of iPhone owners have dropped an iPhone in the toilet. While CTA Digital’s new accessory items might bring this percentage down, iResQ’s iPhone and iPad repair services are always here in case an accident does occur.

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