A USPS envelope is a carrying case for one iPad Mini owner

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More than a few Apple device owners have had a broken or cracked iPad in their lifetimes. In many instances, this forces them to purchase a case when they pick up a new device. While there may be many expensive offerings, one Whitenoise poster may have found the best one yet: an old USPS bubble envelope, Gizmodo reported.

“I've been testing this new iPad Mini sleeve for a couple days now, and wow, it is simply great,” poster Davvvvvvve stated. “I'm surprised that USPS is getting into the iPad accessories market, and even more surprised by how great their iPad Mini sleeve is.”

The post shows pictures of the iPad Mini being placed in the “carrying case.” According to the poster, the pros of his new case are that it is light weight, recyclable and provides great protection thanks to its bubbles. Not only that, he got it for a price that everyone can afford: free.

While the poster may have been joking, there are plenty of affordably priced protective cases, with or without keyboards, available to consumers for their iPad Minis. Phones Review offered a break down of a couple of the newer offerings from Logitech.

The first product is the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. It is an aluminum case that offers good all-around protection and offers a Bluetooth enabled keyboard for those who need it. The case also has a groove which allows the Mini to stand at a reasonable degree for better viewing. It is priced at around $80.

Its cousin offering is the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. It comes in a water-repellant leather and offers many of the same abilities as the the Cover does, such as the built-in keyboard. It is priced at $90.

Should any of these cases – yes, including the bubble envelope – not prevent someone's iPad from breaking, he or she can send their broken iPad Mini to iResQ, where expert technicians will handle any iPad repair needs.

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