A shady eBay purchase and a falling picture: Two repair situations

iPod / General Knowledge

Dubious eBay purchase results in repair need

  • The situation: A Virginia woman reached out to us for an iPod repair because her device was experiencing various glitches including sporadically malfunctioning volume controls and a Home button that flat-out didn't work.
  • What caused it: Chalk this up to an unfortunate purchase on eBay. We understand that the popular online auction house can seem like a perfect place to get a great deal on an Apple product, but it's also full of people trying to get a subpar item off their hands. As the woman herself admits, she probably shouldn't have bought the iPod from an eBay seller. If you do want to go the eBay route, we recommend thoroughly checking out the credentials of the seller, including reading accounts from other customers who've bought from that seller.
  • The solution: We'll run diagnostics on the device to determine exactly what's causing these problems.

A situation that's far from picture-perfect

  • The situation: A Virginia man got in touch with us because his MacBook's screen was displaying a peculiarity: What he describes as a “white blot” in the middle of the screen that's about the size of a quarter. Because the irregularity seems to be moving outward to other parts of the screen, it's actively impeding his computing.
  • What caused it: Unfortunately for him he'd placed his Mac directly beneath a picture which, when it fell, made destructive contact with the screen. 
  • The solution: A screen repair is in order in this case. For all computer users, though, this anecdote serves as a prime example of why you should be careful about where you place your Mac (or other computing devices). All too often people make the mistake of placing a device on the edge of a bed or within reach of a toddler – and neither of these are situations that end well. 
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