A rogue espresso maker, a rainbow freeze, and other repair stories

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Espress-Oh No!

  • The situation: A Wisconsin woman reached out to us for an iPod screen repair. but the damage that had caused the screen to crack had apparently also led to deeper repercussions, including causing the screen to become disabled for use.
  • What caused it: Nothing is better than sitting down with an espresso and listening to your iPod, but just make sure those two things don't come too close together, or you'll end up like this woman. And yet interestingly, it was not the liquid from the machine that led to the screen damage, but instead the espresso machine itself, which fell on the device.
  • The solution: Our diagnostic assessment will seek to pinpoint the root of the problem, and discover how extensive the iPod repair needs are. With a device as weighty as an espresso maker falling on the device, the likelihood that the repair needs will be greater is probably higher than it would be had the iPod merely fallen on the ground. 

Eight graders and iPods? Maybe not the best combo

  • The situation: An Idaho woman sent in her nephew's device for an iPod repair for two reasons: the battery required a replacement and, in a separate incident, the device was dropped, resulting in a cracked screen.
  • What caused it: When an iPod finds its way into an eight grader's hands, anything can happen. But as far as the battery issue goes, that does not seem to be the kid's fault. Instead, the need for a replacement appears to be due to a gradual deterioration of the battery that occurs over time. The icing on the repair cake, however, was the moment the kid dropped the iPod and cracked its screen, necessitating an immediate repair.
  • The solution: We will carry out an iPod battery replacement and screen repair as per the woman's request. 

Faulty shut-downs disrupting computer's functionality

  • The situation: No computer ever works flawlessly. And sometimes things happen that are positively enraging, such as a Maryland customer's predicament in which his Apple laptop shuts down without turning off the operating system, an issue the man is rightly concerned may be corrupting his data.
  • What caused it: An underlying reason for this problem is not clear at the moment, though the man said the computer delivered a coded error message after he ran a hardware diagnostic test. 
  • The solution: We'll examine the computer to see what the error message was. A certain amount of refreshing may very well be necessary, but thankfully, our customer in Maryland knows that the first rule of sending any device in is backing it up first. And frankly, with the prospect of intermittent shutdowns for any computing user, it makes a great deal of sense to always back up your machine, not just when you plan to send it in for a repair. With the cloud the way it is these days, backing up virtually seems like the way to go, and it's a cheaper and more accessible alternative to traditional external hard drives.

Computer freezing problem is not an easy fix

  • The situation: A California man sent in his computer because it's experiencing frequent freezing when he tries to boot it up. What happens is he'll turn on the device, only to have the screen halt and begin displaying colored lines.
  • What caused it: The source of the problem is not clear at the moment.
  • The solution: We should mention that the customer attempted some other solutions before contacting us. One of these included booting up and running DiskWarrior on his computer. That's not a bad route to go, since the program has garnered largely positive reviews, but still, a better measure in a situation like this is to send it to certified repair staffers like our team at iResQ. The truth is that there's a lot of ostensible repair programs out there that can actually make matters worse, whereas when you send your device to us, you know it's in good hands.

The ultimate picture-perfect moment (almost) ruined by defective iPhone camera

  • The situation: Imagine this – you've just had a baby, and have whipped out your phone to take the inaugural snap of the kid. Right as you push the button to commemorate this unrepeatable moment, you realize your device's camera doesn't work. Well, that actually happened to a customer of ours in Massachusetts. Believe it or not, the precise moment when he needed his phone's camera the most was the moment it decided to stop working.
  • What caused it: The man does not know, considering the camera was functioning just fine before it was called upon to take the baby pic. Who knows – perhaps iPhone cameras have performance anxiety, too.
  • The solution: We'll replace the iPhone's camera. Of course, nothing can replace a lost photo op like the one the man described, but fortunately he was equipped with another camera at the time, and the baby photo happened despite the initial mishap. 
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