A new way to watch videos on the iPad

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Sure, it's the season for summer blockbusters, but if it's too hot to head to the theater, watching a movie at home on your iPad might be the next best thing. That's especially the case now that a new app from Amazon will make it easier than ever to watch movies on your iPad.

For Amazon Prime subscribers or those who buy a lot of Amazon Instant Video, this app should come in very handy, as it will allow you to more easily access content from your tablet. It was a long time coming, but should make the dog days more bearable now that it's here.

“The app streams Amazon’s library of Prime content for free to Amazon Prime subscribers, and you can download videos to watch offline,” reported Cult of Mac. “And because the whole thing uses Amazon’s Whispersync technology, if you start watching a movie on your TV and then pick it up later on your iPad, you can resume where you left off.”

While there still isn't the ability to watch every single video using the iPad, these are hopefully kinks that will be worked out over coming days and weeks.

If you've been hard on your iPad this summer during your travels or while enjoying a break from work or school, a cracked screen might be standing between you and the cinematic bliss offered by this app. Check out the advantages of iPad repair to get the device looking good and working well again.

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