A new way to charge your iPhone or iPad

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Cables: they're annoying. If you've ever had to pack up your iPad, iPhone or iPod for a trip, then you likely have experienced that hassle of  gathering and keeping track of the correct charging cables for your devices. It's perhaps even more frustrating now that newer Apple device models like the iPhone 5, iPad mini, fourth generation iPad and new iPod touch all require the slim Lightning connector in order to be charged, and are accordingly incompatible with the scores of older 30-pin connectors that you likely have laying around the house.

But now there's a new accessory that lets you carry a tiny cordless iOS device charger right on your keychain, according to Gizmodo contributor Andrew Lis​zewski. Device maker Bluelounge calls their accessory the Kii, which looks like a small key but is actually a USB stick and charger with a detachable top. To get up and charging, simply plug one end into the USB port on your MacBook or computer and the other end into your device's connector.

The Kii is compatible with both the Lightning and 30-pin connectors. The Lightning version is more expensive, observed Cult of Mac, but it has the added perk of being available in both black and white. The 30-pin version comes only in black. The Kii may be especially useful if you are transitioning from an old 30-pin device to a new Lightning device, said Bluelounge in a press release.

With a portable charger, you can make sure that your devices' screens stay bright and their batteries full. You can also avoid tangling yourself up in charging cables – which as we said, are annoying. If something is off about your iOS device or the MacBook you are using to charge it, then bring it to iResQ​'s technicians, experts in both iPad repair and MacBook repair.

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