9.7 Inch iPad Pro – Not Impossible to Repair for iResQ

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A recent article on PC Magazine reported the 9.7 inch iPad Pro is impossible to repair. According to their source, the repairability of the device is a 2 out of 10.

It’s obvious the iPad, or any device for that matter, should not be repaired by people who don’t have extensive experience. The newest iPad especially since it has a lot of adhesive, which was probably a way for Apple to make fixing the device harder.

While fixing the newest iPad may be difficult, it’s not impossible. Our talented team of technicians have a great deal of experience working on Apple products. Even though this newest device is getting a bad reputation of being hard to repair, it’s really not that bad for our techs. We have the equipment needed to get the adhesive off and then the suctioning to get the parts off for replacing.

One caveat we would like to let our customers know is that the LCD and front panel glass are fused together. This means that while some older models it was possible to repair either the LCD or front panel glass, this one will need both of them replaced. This will likely increase the cost of cracked screen repair for the 9.7 iPad Pro. As always, we offer the best price for all our services.

Where to Find 9.7 Inch iPad Pro Repair Services

As soon as we offer the repair services for 9.7 iPad Pro, you will be able to find them under our iPad repair page. You will be able to see what can be repaired and how much it will cost. Like other repairs, we will offer free diagnostics for the 9.7 iPad Pro.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your repair – no matter what device you own.

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