79% of Americans Wait a Week to Get Their iPhones Repaired

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When someone drops an iPhone, it’s devastating. It can make a grown man cry. The shattered glass can greatly diminish a person’s pride over being an iPhone user. Despite these feelings after suffering a cracked screen, most Americans wait at least a week before getting their iPhone repaired. This baffled us since it’s so easy to get one repaired when using us.

When People Decide to Repair a Shattered Screen on an iPhone

People decide to repair a shattered screen when they have trouble using the device.

  • 20% of people can’t take pictures
  • 29% of them can’t use some of the letters
  • 27% can’t use apps
  • 20% can’t unlock their phone

We believe that people wait until the last possible minute to have their iPhone repaired, which is why they don’t until one of the above happens.

The problem is that iPhone users don’t understand that the longer they wait, the more damage their iPhone could incur. The shattered glass makes the iPhone vulnerable. Water can easily seep into the phone this way, which could cause internal damage to the hardware. If anything probes the cracked screen, it can go deep enough to hit the internal hardware and damage it.

Besides further damage to the device, there could be skin damage. When glass is shattered or just cracked, it can slice a finger easily, especially if you’re dragging it across it. The more you use it, the more likely you could end up with a scratch. If you’re rolling your eyes over the possibility of a scratch, it’s never fun to be in public bleeding and needing to find a restroom to take care of it.

Don’t wait to get your iPhone screen repaired. Do it as soon as possible, so you can get back to doing everything you love to do with your phone.

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