7 Great Ways to Use Your Smartphone Camera Besides Taking Selfies

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Selfies….how many can you really take before people get tired of seeing you? Let’s face it; people love you, but they don’t want to see you loving your camera multiple times a day.

During the breaks you take from selfies, consider using your camera in the following ways.

Remind Yourself Where You Parked

We’ve all been in those situations where we’re in section D of the parking lot, and as much as we told ourselves we would be able to remember it, we didn’t. No one ever has a pen and pad anymore, but they do have their smartphone. A quick shot of section D will be your saving grace when you think, “Uh…where did I park again? Was it section B….or was it D?”

When Your Eyesight Fails

Hey, it’s going to happen someday. You might as well get ready for it by using your smartphone. Take a picture of small print on products or advertisements and then use your pinchers to increase the size of it to read it comfortably.

File It Away

We all know how cluttered file cabinets can get when you have to organize the millions of papers you have from all of the business you conduct. Instead of dealing with it all, get in the habit of snapping pictures of it. You can then file it electronically and if you ever need anything, you can just print it out.

Keep Information Handy

It can be a pain in the ‘you know what’ to read serial numbers off of huge appliances or products when you need to call for repair, maintenance or technical support. Instead of moving those heavy items every single time you need the information, take a picture of it and then you can access it with just a few taps of your phone.

Bring Home Information

Have you ever been in a store and want to write information down about a product to see if it will work at home? Instead of jotting all of that information down, just take a photo of it. It’s the lazy, but easy way.

Recipe Storage

You don’t have to write down recipes on notecards anymore. Just snap a picture and file it away in a folder. What’s great about this is you can take photos of recipes you find just about anywhere, which can be quite nice when you want to try something that you can’t find at home.

Screen Capture for No Service Areas

This is great for directions when you’re travelling in the middle of nowhere. Just do a screenshot of the directions on your phone, and then you can pull them up when your navigation quits on you.

Do you have any ideas on how to use your smartphone’s camera – besides taking selfies? Leave a comment below with your great ideas.

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