5 reasons why the iPad is a useful device for writing

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Writing on an iPad may not seem as easy as writing on your MacBook, mainly because your old school keyboard training may be less applicable when you have to rapidly tap a screen instead. But the iPad has some clear advantages for writing because of factors like its size and clear display. Here are some of the best features for writers:

The iPad has a clear and nicely proportioned screen, noted ZDNet contributor James Kendrick. Full size iPads, except the iPad 2, come with a high resolution screen that Apple calls its Retina display. If you work for long hours in front of a screen, then the screen may be ideal, since its clarity will not strain your eyes too much.

The iPad mini and the iPad with Retina display both feature Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular networking. With LTE, you can speed through websites or other Internet-connected apps on your iPad to do research as well as  access and save your writing in the cloud.

If you just can't give your Mac keyboard up, then you are in luck. There are numerous wireless keyboards that are compatible with the iPad. The best ones can provide long battery life and backlit keys, according to Vince Horiuchi for The Salt Lake Tribune.

IPads are generally smaller than laptops, which means they are easier to transport and carry with you for writing on the go. Even if you opt for a keyboard, you can still probably fit it and the iPad into a small bag so that you can unpack and pack up in no time.

Although Microsoft Office is not available for iPad yet, there are many alternatives, including apps like Evernote. Since the iPad only runs one full-screen app at a time, this can also save you from being distracted by multitasking, argued Kendrick.

To top it all off, the iPad also gets good battery life. If you need help making sure your battery or screen are working properly as you write or read, turn to iResQ​'s iPad repair services.

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