5 Reasons Not to Make the Switch to the New iPhone

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A new iPhone comes out every year. Each year, you probably contemplate whether or not you should buy it. At iResQ, we always recommend not buying a new phone until you absolutely need it. The following are the reasons you shouldn’t make the switch to a new iPhone.

#1: You’ll Use It Like Your Old One

Sure, the new iPhone will have some additions, but you probably won’t appreciate them as much as you think. Usually, people go right back to using their phone as they did before they made the switch, so it’s just like using their other phone.

#2: You Will Spend More Money

Are you trying to save money? Getting the new iPhone is not the way to do it. You’ll likely have to pay money upfront or pay per month for it. You can save that money by not getting it.

#3: It’s Vulnerable

A new iPhone is great and all, but it’s still vulnerable to getting damaged. What happens if you get your new phone and then you drop it? A shattered screen or other damage could end up devastating you, especially when you just spent a ton of money on it.

#4: You Can Fix Your Current Phone

Whatever is wrong with your current phone can be fixed by our certified technicians. They have so much experience fixing phones that most problems can be solved within 24 hours. If your phone is so damaged that it’s going to cost you more than what a new one would be, they will let you know.

#5: Your Phone Still Functions

Your current iPhone still works, right? Why get a new one then? Is it just to show people you have a new one? If so, you’re getting one for all of the wrong reasons. Be happy with the one you have because it’s serving its purpose.

We hope this has helped you see getting a new iPhone is just not the answer when you have one already that works perfectly fine. And if it doesn’t? You can always turn to us to help you fix it.

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