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Is your iPhone giving you a headache? Whether your iPhone is for work, play, or school, it can be easily damaged or a malfunction can occur that puts it out of use. iPhone users fall hard for their technology and when something happens to it, the love-hate relationship begins. Don’t worry! If you are an avid iPhone fan and want to keep your best technology friend in your hands rather than letting it sit broken in a drawer, you’ve come to right place.

iPhone Water Damage – Taking Immediate Action

Step One:

Immediately remove your iPhone device from the liquid or water. The longer the phone is exposed to water, the more damage may occur. (However, don’t pick up a wet phone device that is charging and plugged in.)

Step Two:

Remove the water on the outside of the iPhone with a lint-free or other absorbent cloth. Avoid using blow dryers or fans to dry as they will push the water further into the device.

Step Three:

If possible, take the SIM Card, battery, and all other external pieces off and away from the device.

Step Four:

Without loosening any screens, open the iPhone as much as possible and place it upside down on a flat surface on a towel so the liquid in it can drip out. Additionally, you can use a vacuum extension to suck the water or liquid out of the phone. But do this sparingly at a distance of minimum 3 to 4 inches.

Step Five:

Leave the phone sit on the towel for 24-48 hours. Put back together and turn on. If all goes well, then you can begin using your iPhone again.

iPhone Repair

Nevertheless, if your iPhone is damaged enough by the water or liquid, it will require professional attention. Our certified technicians can help repair any generation of all Apple devices. If you are ready to have our iPhone back in tip-top shape, then contact our professional iPhone experts today!

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