4 uses for the iPhone camera

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We all know what a camera is used for. But the thing about smartphone technology is that it has a habit of challenging how we look at things. While the iPhone's camera is capable of taking some pretty amazing pictures and videos, that's not all the asset can be used for. 

Application-based mobile computing has revolutionized the common uses of classic technologies, chief among them being the camera. Here are four alternative uses for one of the iPhone's most popular features:

1) Barcode reader
The camera is an interesting technology in its own right. Historically, it has been confined to the role of an actual camera, where it has a very limited functionality. But on the smartphone, the concept of the camera can be extended to other needs where a physical reading needs to take place.

The retail sector has experienced a major growth in this way. Consumer applications allow smartphone cameras to act as barcode readers for easy, in-store comparison shopping. Customers can check on prices by competing brands and stores and make sure they get the most for their money.

This same concept is also applicable to QR codes. The QR code has become a marketing staple, allowing instant access to exclusive content with a quick snap of the camera. These scans are proving to be popular ways to get the word out about events and other promotional material.

2) 3D scanner
More recently, the two-dimensional images and videos have started to fall somewhat out of vogue. They're still popular, but 3D is a technology that is improving every day. In fact, some apps allow for 3D pictures to be taken with an iPhone. This is not 3D in the sense that it pops out at the viewer, but allows for manipulation of an image by rotating it on an axis. Imagine if every picture you took looked like “bullet time” from The Matrix movies – that's the premise of 3DAround by Dacuda, according to Cult of Mac.

“[Dacuda CTO Alexander] Ilic says the inspiration for the app came from watching food blogger friends take dozens of photos of plates of grub from different angles and struggle to decide which was best,” wrote TechCrunch contributor Josh Constine. “He thought 'Why can't you just go around the whole thing, so you don't have to worry about the perfect shot with a single angle.'”

3) Personal mirror
It might sound vain, but that front-facing camera isn't just good for selfies. It means that you never have to carry a mirror around with you again. Do you have something in your teeth? Is your make-up straight? Open the standard camera app and give yourself a once over. If you're good to go, snap a quick shot and show the world!

4) Night vision goggles
Seeing in the dark is something we all occasionally wish we could do. While the iPhone's flashlight function is often enough to help in a tight spot, sometimes a sleeping spouse might prevent that from being a viable option. Thankfully, there are apps out there that enable night vision on the iPhone camera. 

But of course, none of these things are possible if the camera itself is broken. iPhones have a tendency to break – sometimes seemingly for no good reason. There are occasionally things that can be done in the settings to fix this, or perhaps a quick cleaning will rectify the matter. But in extreme cases, it may take a full replacement of the camera if you want to salvage the phone. iPhone 5c camera not working? Contact iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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