4 uses for a broken iPhone

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Plenty of people have been there – an accidental drop, an unexpected malfunction… the list goes on. Broken iPhones are all too common an occurrence in this day and age. Many times, these problems are totally fixable, but in other situations it might be time to stuff the once-loved device in a drawer or figure out how to dispose of it properly.

But hold on – before writing off your seemingly-broken iPhone as trash heap fodder, consider some of the ways that the machine can be re-purposed. Even if you end up shelling out for a new one, here are some of the ways that people have kept their old iPhones in use:

1) Security camera
There might be a big crack in the screen, but chances are other parts of the device still work fine. This was how British iPhone user Izzy Jaques ended up turning her old iPhone into a security camera for her home. Using an app to stream the feed to her computer and her new smartphone, This Is Money reported that Jaques has found an interesting solution to her predicament.

“There have been break-ins at nearby homes so it seemed a good idea for me,” Jaques said to This Is Money contributor Toby Walne. “The mobile faces the front door and hallway and I can see what is going on because video images can be streamed using Wi-Fi to my computer and new mobile phone.”

2) Music device
iPhone 5s speaker not working? Camera seen better days? As long as the screen, home button, headphone jack and charger port are still operational, that broken phone can be leveraged as a personal jukebox. Mount it somewhere that it will be accessible, plug in an audio cord and turn it up! Leaving it in the car ensures that you'll always have music for the drive. This is also a great way to save space on your new device – a dedicated music player means fewer apps and songs that have to stay loaded on your main phone.

3) Throwaway phone
Even rock climbers and those working on intensive physical projects need iPhones. The problem is that these situations carry a great possibility of damage to mobile devices. But if it's already a little worse for wear, then why not just bring it along? Having a knockaround iPhone can come in handy when doing potentially-perilous activities. If it gets broken, stolen, lost or messy, it won't be that big of a loss.

4) 'Nightstand companion'
Tom's Guide contributor James Pikover recognizes how connected everyone is today. Going to bed means bringing your iPhone along with you for reading, texting or whatever else people do to fall asleep. Having a phone that's seen better days on the nightstand is a way to roll books, alarms and other useful information all into one device. Depending on where the damage is and how badly it affects functionality, using this phone specifically during bedtime hours can even help extend the longevity of the new one you're bound to pick up.

But some broken iPhones still have too much value to be just written off and replaced. Whether there is some sentimental attachment or you just don't want to shell out for the new one, repairs are often the best way to go unless it's just time to upgrade. iPhone 5c power button stuck? iPhone 5s headphone jack not working? Contact the dedicated and experienced team of repair technicians at iResQ. No matter where you live or what the damage, iResQ can handle any and all of your iPhone repair needs. Give us a call or send us an email today!

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