4 tips for extending iPhone 5c battery life

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Having iPhone 5c battery problems? You're probably not alone. Chances are if you've ever owned a smartphone, you've come to understand the frustrations that come with “low battery” warnings. But while you might think your phone needs to be replaced or repaired, there are some things that can be done before resorting to these solutions. Many times, a couple of software adjustments can make all the difference.

Here are some of the best ways to extend iPhone 5c battery life:

1) Close or delete unused apps
We allow apps to run in the background all the time. This can be good when you need to keep things running momentarily, but apps that are not in use should be closed in order to preserve battery life. Double tap the Home button and swipe up on each app window to close that program.

It may also help to delete unnecessary apps that may be constant power suckers. Visiting the Settings section of iOS will allow users to view the battery percentages used by each piece of software on the device.

“The most common causes of power consumption issues include inefficient use of the cellular radio and Wi-Fi network, preventing the processor from going to sleep, keeping the display lit too long, and taking too many GPS location fixes,” wrote InfoWorld contributor Paul Krill.

2) Turn down the screen brightness
One really simple battery-saving trick involves making sure that the backlight is turned to a respectable level. Chances are that few people constantly need their screen brightness on full blast. It is possible to conserve a significant amount of power just by dialing things back a bit. 

3) A simple reset
Sometimes it's hard to tell what Settings configuration has your battery life so tangled up. According to Gotta Be Mobile contributor Adam Mills, a “normal restart” operation is sometimes enough to make things run more efficiently.

“You can also reset the iPhone or iPad by holding the home button and the power button for about 10 seconds,” Mills wrote. “This will not remove any of your data, but sometimes this is enough to fix whatever was draining the battery life on the device. It has worked for us in the past and it may wind up working for you should you decide to give it a go.”

4) Keep apps from automatically updating and refreshing in background
We've already touched on apps once in this entry, but it's worth noting that there are several other ways in which downloaded software can be a waste of energy. Rather than getting rid of some applications, it is also possible to change the Settings so that programs don't update through the app store when not prompted. Application updates take a lot of power, and keeping them from occurring automatically will do wonders for your battery provisioning.

It is also important to manage which applications are allowed to refresh in the background. This is something that can be controlled in Settings on an app-by-app basis.

Replacement sometimes the only option
While it would be nice if every iPhone problem one could have was software-based and easily fixed, it is not always possible. Sometimes batteries just give out after too much use, or they could even be faulty right out of the gate. If this is the case, a replacement is going to be necessary.

For many people, performing this procedure alone is going to be a complicated struggle. There are several tools that must be obtained, countless tiny screws to look after and a proper replacement battery to obtain. It's a large effort for someone without experience in these operations. If you're having iPhone 5c battery problems or have any other iPhone repair needs, don't hesitate to contact iResQ today.

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