4 Reasons You’re Better Off with iResQ for iPhone Repair

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iphone repairPeople wonder why they should iResQ rather than the local repair shop down the street all of the time. They are tempted to just swing by that place and drop their device off and pick it up in a couple of days. Sure, sounds easy enough. Is it worth it, though? Probably not.

Why You Should Choose iResQ

After you understand what we do better, you’ll know why you’re better off choosing iResQ.

#1: Excellent Customer Service

iResQ keeps you informed of your repair every step of the way. You start off with an email confirmation of your order. When we receive your device, we let you know. When we are working on your order and anything comes up that we believe you should know about, we call you. When we’re done with the repair, we email you to let you know that it’s being packaged up and sent back to you. Once it leaves our hands, you can always track the device with the tracking number.

#2: 24-Hour Turnaround

You may immediately think that since you have to ship it that the 24-hour turnaround means nothing to you. It does, though. If you choose a shipping method of overnight, one day, or two days, you will receive your device in just one additional day added to that shipping time. That means if it’s overnight, you receive it the day after tomorrow. That’s faster than some of the local places can repair your device and have it ready for you to pick up!

#3: CERTIFIED Technicians

We’ll break it to you – some of those small repair places in your community have people who have no idea how to repair an iPhone. They may be able to replace a screen if given enough time, but one false move, and the whole phone could be a brick. It’s happened, and it can happen to you.

Our technicians are trained extensively by people who know how to repair an iPhone. Once trained, they work on devices supervised by senior level trainers. It’s not until they have repair a large number of devices that they are able to do it by themselves.

#4: Quality Parts

This is something else we have to tell you – many of the small repair shops have very low quality parts. What happens when you have low quality parts? They break easily, so they don’t last as long. What that means is that you end up having to pay for another repair way before you should have to…

We ONLY use high quality parts. We know you pay for good service, so we believe that service includes good parts.

It’s obvious. iResQ gives you better service for your iPhone. Contact us now for more information on how we can repair your iPhone.

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