4 Myths about iPhone Repair

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It is too expensive to get an iPhone fixed.

This statement is false. It’s completely inaccurate to say an iPhone repair is expensive. It all depends on what needs to be fixed and the model of the iPhone. The majority of screen repairs are done for less than what a replacement or new iPhone would cost. Most all repairs come in for a cost lower than purchasing a new iPhone.

Since I have insurance, I’ll just use it to get a new replacement iPhone.

This is not a great assumption to have about your iPhone insurance. Now if you are actually missing your iPhone because it was stolen or lost, then of course a replacement phone through your insurance carrier makes perfect sense. But, if your iPhone is damaged from dropping it, then check first about your deductible and what it covers before acting. Many times the deductible is much more costly than just having the repairs done alone. Another thing to keep in mind is that a ‘replacement’ can refer to either a refurbished replacement or a brand new replacement. Check with your company to see whether you are getting a brand new replacement or the refurbished version of a broken iPhone someone else turned in as damaged.

Only certified Apple technicians or the manufacturer can fix my iPhone.

False. False. False. Apple has successfully convinced a mass group of iPhone consumers that their company is the only place qualified to repair iPhones. This is not true, as there are numerous qualified, experienced professional iPhone repair technicians that work for themselves and cell repair companies all over the world. Many times these companies provide excellent service in a faster turnaround time than Apple may offer.

Why should I pay to fix my iPhone when I can repair it at home myself?

DIY is nothing new and YouTube only adds to the excitement of fixing things at home to save money and time. But not everything should be a do it yourself project, and one of these things includes iPhone repair. Now it’s definitely not unheard of to go ahead and attempt simple iPhone repairs, but what do you do if things go bad? Practice makes perfect is a phrase we have all heard, so it makes sense that newbies and inexperienced technicians will make mistakes that are more expensive to repair than the original issue. Don’t experiment with this costly road…take your iPhone to a reputable cell phone repair shop to get your repairs done right the first time around.

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