3 ways to give new life to a classic iPod

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If you were one of people to purchase one of the original Apple iPods, chances are that device is collecting dust somewhere in your closet. This doesn't have to be the case, however. In a recent TechHive article, contributor Benj Edwards detailed a number of things you can do with your old mp3 device to give it new life and get some use from it.

“In an age where large quantities of older iPods flood public causeways and spill out of closets, cabinets and containers with abundance, not all of these suggestions are practical or cost-effective,” Edwards wrote. “But that's not always the point. Suggestions for other points include tinkering and experimenting, impressing your nerd friends or giving an old electronic companion a new lease on life.”

1. New battery
Edwards suggested that the first thing anyone can do to give new life to a device is replace the battery. While Apple does offer a battery replacement service, this is typically a more expensive option. Replacing the battery on older iPod models can be performed at home, but it is a delicate operation. It could be your best bet to consult iResQ, as our qualified technicians can disassemble the device and replace the battery without causing any unnecessary damage.

2. Changing up the hard drive
Edwards suggested making replacements to your device's hard drive. iResQ can replace your device's hard drive with quality parts or give it an upgrade by installing a larger capacity hard disk than the original model incorporated.

“Many long-time iPod owners know the pain of dropping an iPod on a hard surface, triggering both profanities and the 'click of death,' which means the  iPod's internal hard disk is on its last legs,” Edwards wrote. “Failure is imminent, if it hasn't happened already, and there's no iCloud here to back you up.”

Another upgrade option could be to take things one step further and replace the hard drive with a solid state flash drive instead. SSDs are more shock resistant than hard-disk drives and can also lead to increased battery life.

3. Altering the backlight color
If you have older monochrome iPod devices that have blue/white backlights, you can actually modify the backlight colors to give your device a fresh look. Replace the traditional colors with purple, red, blue or orange to zest things up a bit.

For assistance with all these upgrades for your old iPod, consult iResQ for our extensive iPod repair services.

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