3 ways to fix an iPhone 5s speaker without replacement

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When the speaker on an iPhone 5s stops working, fans of the British TV show “The IT Crowd” might be inclined to turn the device off and on again. While this technique can solve a lot of different iPhone issues, it isn't a cure-all solution. There are a great deal of things that can be affecting audio playback on an iPhone 5s. Some of them are physical issues and others are corrected by reconfiguring the software settings. What's for sure is that speakers rarely break and require replacement unless they have been memorably damaged.

These things don't happen for no reason, so before seeking repairs, try a few of these iPhone speaker repair methods that can help to get the sound flowing on your device:

1) Cleaning
Smartphone ports and openings are natural magnets for dirt. Over the course of normal use it is possible to get a little crud lodged in the speaker of an iPhone 5s. Moisture can also find its way into iPhone speakers. By taking a cotton swab and gently rubbing the speaker, it is possible to remove the foreign substance and restore functionality.

Cleaning the headphone jack can be just as beneficial when speakers suddenly stop working. A bit of dirt stuck within this port can trick the iPhone into thinking that there are headphones present. Clearing the obstruction will get things back to speed.

2) Disable Bluetooth
According to official Apple support, Bluetooth connectivity can be an issue for speaker performance. If an iPhone is connected to a user's Bluetooth speakers or headset, this will prevent audio from playing on the device. Simply disable Bluetooth in the Settings and everything should work as normal.

3) “Did you try turning it off and on again?”
Just to be sure, you've already followed the key advice from The IT Crowd, right? If you haven't, power down you iPhone 5s and start it back up again. Many times this can clear an unnoticed setting that was preventing playback – and it's definitely cheaper than getting it replaced.

If you've tried all of these methods but nothing seems to work, then it might be time for a repair. Since replacing an iPhone 5s speaker can be a difficult task, it is advisable that those without the training and tools seek out qualified technicians like the kind at iResQ.

Is your iPhone 5s speaker not working? Contact us today at iResQ for all of your iPhone repair needs.

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