3 tips to keep your iPhone 5c from breaking

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Broken iPhones can cause plenty of woe. The sheer number of broken iPhone stories and anecdotes are probably too many to count, illustrating just how difficult it can be to keep the device totally out of harm's way. The thing about a damaged iPhone, however, is that many instances of breaking can be prevented with the right strategies and supplies. Here are some of the things that people can do to keep their iPhone 5c from breaking: 

1) Buy a case
This one should be obvious. It's impossible to promise one's self that a new iPhone will go un-dropped. There's no way to know when your grip may slip or an accidental nudge from a stranger will send it flying. This is why a case can make all the difference. Whether bulky and armored or just enough plastic to keep the device shielded, iPhone cases are becoming essential.

2) Screen shields
Almost as annoying as a break is a scratch. A marred screen can cause ultimate frustration, and not all of them can be buffed out. The little plastic shields that cling to the iPhone can make certain that scratches are a thing of the past – at least until they get taken off. These shields should be replaced every so often in order to have the highest level of assurance possible regarding damage prevention.

3) Keep it separated
Some people keep their iPhones in a pocket or purse with other items they need during the day. Should the device be in close proximity to a set of car keys, for example, damage is much more likely to occur. Slipping the device into its own pocket or holster, especially one that seals up – will greatly decrease the chances of this problem creeping up.

But even with all these tips in mind, there are bound to be those of us who have a momentary lapse of memory or judgment. Some folks may even ignore these precautions altogether because they prefer the aesthetics of an unencumbered iPhone – in reality, who doesn't? What's worse, there are some situations where a case or a screen shield aren't going to do much of anything, and actual repairs are going to be required. If you find your iPhone 5c volume buttons not working or your screen shattered, contact iResQ.

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