3 simple ways to get the most out of iPhone battery capacity

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The iPhone 5s and 5c have been touted for their advancements, however there is one component that remains difficult to use effectively – the battery. Battery life has been notoriously lax in any major improvements, which can frustrate most smartphone owners, and tools to repair this issue may not be found in an iPhone repair kit. Although the battery hasn't made significant gains, there are still some approaches that users can take in order to make the most out of the capacity that they have.

1. Close out dormant apps
One of the biggest things that most iPhone vendors will tell you is to close your applications when they're not in use. While it may not seem like a big deal, having multiple programs still open that you're not utilizing will still drain the battery, especially if they are streaming or using GPS services that traditionally need a lot of power to run. ZDNet's Zack Whittaker noted that most apps won't close completely when they're not being used and will churn power in the background, making it necessary to clear all programs in this queue.

2. Do manual updates
While it's traditionally best practice to always make updates when they're needed, having this automated can take a significant amount of battery life. CBS MoneyWatch noted that while the iPhone can now install the 40 patches that once had to be done by hand, these changes happen behind the scenes and can eat up the battery, especially if the device isn't connected to the Internet. Wi-Fi connectivity will help reduce the amount of power used, but in locations without this capability, the processing needs will be more labor-intensive and cause the battery to go down quickly.

3. Turn off features that you don't need
This is probably one of the more simple approaches to preserving battery life as it won't affect your operations, but will still be effective in reducing power use. The parallax, for example, exists more as a show piece than an actual functional advantage. Turning off this feature, along with positioning services, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, will significantly help conserve battery capacity and still allow you to work efficiently on the device. There may be other tools that you can turn off, but this will be dependent on what you regularly use.

Battery life is a significant issue for many smartphone owners and must be dealt with, especially if the battery suddenly breaks. iResQ is a cell phone repair shop that will take care of your smartphone repair needs and get your device working like new in no time. For more information about these services, contact a representative today.

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