3 possible causes of iPhone 5c battery problems

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Smartphones have gotten a pretty stellar reputation for being go-anywhere, do-anything kinds of devices – so long as the battery holds up. There are few things as disparaging as watching an iPhone's battery life quickly tick away through no fault of one's own. While the first natural instinct in these situations may be to blame the battery directly, there are a number of other possible causes that can potentially sap power – or prevent it from even entering the device, period.

Here are three possibilities as to why iPhone 5c battery problems could be occurring: 

1) Bright backlight
We all like to be able to see everything on our screens without straining our eyes, but having an iPhone's backlight cranked up to 100 percent all the time is an easy way to waste power. Try turning it down, or even just adjusting it as natural light permits. ZDNet contributor Zack Whittaker also believes that turning off various notifications is a roundabout way to prevent backlight-induced battery drain.

“Notifications alone don't cause battery drainage, but simply activating the backlit display will,” Whittaker wrote. “Applications use notifications to inform you of what's going on in the world, such as new emails, text messages, reminders, and who is responding to you on social networks. It's wise to set some notifications to 'silent' mode.”

2) Weak Lightning cables
According to CNET contributor Rick Broida, there is rarely little difference between “high-end” cables and cheaper alternatives. This concept does not extend, however, to Lightning cables. While some people might be inclined to purchase third-party Lightning cables in order to avoid paying more for the official Apple version, this can end up leaving users high and dry. Generally these cords will fail inexplicably within days of purchase, with the user possibly believing it to be the fault of the actual battery.

“I've seen this happen within a week, within a couple months, and at times in between,” Broida wrote. “And in one three-pack of cables I received, two of them didn't work right out of the package. When you've paid all of six bucks, is it really worth the hassle – or postage – to send them back?”

3) Battery failure
Not everything always works the way that it is supposed to – especially batteries. If an Apple fan is experiencing iPhone 5c battery problems, there is a chance that is could be related to the battery itself. After trying other solutions like the ones listed above, get in touch with iResQ in order to talk about an iPhone battery replacement.

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