3 of the clumsiest states put iPhones at risk

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Washington, D.C. has not been good to iPhones.

According to protection plan provider SquareTrade, the nation's capital had the highest frequency of iPhone damage claims in the country for 2013. Considering that it was number 30 on last year's list, these recent developments are making it a scary time to be a smartphone near Capitol Hill.

Here is a look at three of the clumsiest states in America – including the U.S. capital:

1) Washington, D.C.
Everyone now knows that Washington, D.C. has the worst rate of iPhone-related accidents in the country. But why? According to CNET contributor Eric Mack, SquareTrade believes that it has something to do with sports teams. Twenty-three million Americans around the country submitted claims involving smartphones being damaged at sporting events. If Washington, D.C. has had the most frequent number of incidents, it is safe to assume that many of them could have happened at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium or the Verizon Center.

2) Florida
Coming in second place in SquareTrade's study was the Sunshine State. Florida, which did not make the cut last year, saw a high surge in water-related incidents. According to NBC affiliate WTVJ, iPhones went swimming in pools, at beaches and even at the spa. A little time in the Jacuzzi is supposed to be relaxing, but tensions are bound to flair up when a smartphone decides to go for a dip.

3) Louisiana
While it did not rank as high as Washington, D.C. and Florida, Louisiana has the distinction of making the top 10 in SquareTrade's annual study for two years running. Despite making the list twice, however, the state's saving grace can be found in its drop from number eight to number nine on the list, according to The Times-Picayune.

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