3 most common ways iPhones are broken

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Smartphones are extremely useful tools for a variety of reasons, which may be one of the reasons why mobile owners carry the devices around everywhere. However, this hardware often is exposed to numerous events that can damage the system and cause it to need replacement or extensive repairs. For example, many iOS users may experience a shattered iPhone at least once. This can devastate the user, especially if the device is used for work purposes or important files are on the phone. Here are a few of the most common ways that smartphones are broken:

1. Dropped into water
When it comes to electronic devices, water has been known to be particularly potent in their demise. Dropping it into a drink, bathtub or sink can ruin the hardware and require significant repairs. Just think about how you may set your iPhone on the side of the sink while you're getting ready in the morning. If you accidentally bump it, the device can easily slide into water and become soaked. Although many may try the rice trick to dry out the equipment, the damage is often too extensive for this approach to fix the smartphone. A cellphone repair shop will be able to more accurately address the problem and verify if any internal components are too damaged to be used.

2. Met a hard surface
Another nemesis of smartphone users happens to be gravity and the hard pavement that falling objects are often drawn to. How many times have you gotten out of your car or been walking down the sidewalk when your iPhone slipped out of your hands? It may happen a lot more frequently than you think. These events don't even capture how many times the device has magically flown from your grip in your own home. Tile, wood floors, pavement and concrete can all adversely affect smartphones by either contributing to cracked screens or damaged cameras and home buttons. Even a few nicks and scratches on the display can affect how you use the smartphone. In this case, replacing an iPhone screen may be beneficial as it allows the owner to essentially keep the same device.

3. Damaged by a pet or child
Giving children and pets easy access to a smartphone is typically not the best idea as the device may soon find its way on the other side of the room, or worse. If an iPhone is left laying on a table, for example, dogs may scratch the screen or take the hardware as a toy. Some parents may choose to give their kids the phone in order to play games, but this too could end with a dropped iPhone and broken parts. Children may scratch the screen, throw the device or even put it in their mouths, all of which can damage the smartphone.

IPhones are reliable tools, however, they can be easily broken from a variety of dangers. For all of your iPhone repair needs, contact iResQ today!

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