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With the holiday season drawing to a close, the time of annual gift-giving has begun to fade. But where retail stores are bound to start seeing a dwindling of purchases, they will find another rush in the post-Christmas exchanges and returns. Even for the person that has everything, there are iPhone accessories that serve a variety of functions. Here are some of the most inventive iPhone peripherals available today.

1) PhoneSoap iPhone charger
Smartphones follow their users everywhere. That being the case, it is safe to assume that iPhones could potentially be harborers of bacteria. Around the holidays, the spread of germs can be potentially disastrous. That's where PhoneSoap comes in. According to Cult of Mac editor Charlie Sorrel, PhoneSoap is a phone-charging case equipped with UV lamps that sanitize while it restores battery power. This will keep any iPhone clean of filth while not in use. You do not need an iPhone, however, to use this tool – because the device is operated by plugging in the user's own USB power cord, any smartphone owner can take advantage of the PhoneSoap.

2) Gramophone speaker
Vintage technology enthusiasts looking to foot their smartphone in the past may have a friend in Restoration Hardware. According to StupidDope​'s Tamika Frye, an iPhone Gramophone is available that uses classic analog methods to amplify music and audio played through an iPhone. The wooden base holds the phone and links the speakers to a large brass and iron horn, projecting sound almost four times louder than its maximum volume. The Gramophone is available in several different styles and can also be purchased for iPad.

3) BACtrack breathalyzer
Drunk driving is a major concern, especially around the holidays. New Year's Eve in particular is a dangerous time to be on the road. With so much mobile technology at the fingertips of everyday people, shouldn't there be an app for that? Thanks to BACtrack, there is. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog contributor Michael Grothaus, the company's Mobile Breathalyzer uses a Bluetooth connection to send blood alcohol levels to an iPhone application, removing any shadow of a doubt when getting behind the wheel after a night at the bar. The app also displays warnings regarding the effect that alcohol might be having on the user, as well as when an elevated BAC will be lowered enough to take the car home.

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