2 Surprising Ways to Keep Your iPhone’s Battery Healthy

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We all want a phone that has the longest battery life as possible. We already have to find an outlet to charge it enough. If we can save that battery time we have when it’s new for as long as possible, it will make us happy.

There are two ways to keep your iPhone battery healthy. Remember them, and you may not have to be looking out for an outlet as much.

#1: Keep It Away from Heat

When your iPhone is in the sun or in a hot car, it will just simply go into hibernation, letting you know it’s too hot. You may think this is not big deal, but it really is a big deal. That is what is ruining the battery!

Make sure your iPhone is always cool. If you are charging it with a wireless charger or a high-voltage charger and it gets hot, don’t use that anymore. Your iPhone’s battery life depends on it.

#2: Don’t Charge It Completely and Let It Drain Completely

Uh oh –  you probably have been doing this, haven’t you? Well, now you know it’s harming your battery, so stop.

Lithium-ion batteries like the one in your iPhone don’t do well when charged after it’s completely depleted. It also doesn’t like to discharge from 100 percent. The iPhone battery doesn’t remember how much it should hold, so charging it all the way up and discharging it all the way down will shorten the battery time you have on it.

Plug your iPhone in when you need some more power. Unplug it when you’re ready to use it. This means, no more plugging it in all night long.

What to Do if the iPhone Battery is Already Depleted

If your battery life is already depleted, it’s time to invest in a battery replacement for your iPhone. iResQ has high quality batteries and certified technicians to install the battery into your phone. You can then start over again with your battery and make sure you do everything you’re supposed to make it last as long as possible.

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