2 good apps to prevent against iPhone repair

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You've just walked out of the shiny, whitewashed Apple store with your brand new iPhone. You're a little nervous even carrying it out in its plastic case, because let's just say you don't have the best track record with these devices. Your first phone shattered in the middle of a run. And your second – well, a bad rainstorm claimed that one. But third time's the charm, right? Sure – as long as you take proper care of your phone. To help encourage good phone care, here are some apps that can help you avoid a trip to a cell phone repair shop:

1. Perfect Weather: It is no secret that water is bad for your iPhone. Water damage can lead to a whole litany of problems, including the need for a battery replacement or an iPhone screen repair. As we begin to move past the snowy drudgery of winter and into the rain-prone days of early spring, it becomes even more important to know the forecast before exposing your phone to potential damage. 

Perfect Weather provides the ideal platform for protecting against such water exposure. Launched in Sep. 2013 the app – which is available for $2.99 – garnered largely positive reviews, including a glowing critique from the folks at 9to5Mac. The reason for such praise? Perfect Weather provides a level of detail and depth that its free counterparts do not match. As its commercial shows, the app tailors its weather predictions exclusively to your needs. With the ability to store your frequent locations and monitor your current location, the app gives you a highly individualized weather projection that makes planning a breeze.

For instance, let's say you have a business trip planned on the west side of town. A few taps in the app will show you the weather pattern for that precise area. If it's projected to rain around the building you're going to, you'll know ahead of time and won't have to risk your iPhone getting damaged. This is the app for people who find themselves annoyed at the TV meteorologist who keeps promising rain on a beautiful clear day. Equipped with live satellite readings, Perfect Weather will never leave you in the dark about the weather you will face.

2. Runkeeper: The iPhone's capability to play music makes it a popular alternative to iPods to accommodate our listening needs. And for the league of runners out there who also own iPhones, it's only natural that the device will come along on runs. For running enthusiasts, the app RunKeeper presents an easy and efficient means of monitoring workout progress, with features like activity tracking and the ability to share your workout status on social media sites.

But the app is also good for iPhone protection, since its GPS tracking feature can help runners from venturing into areas that could pose a threat to the safety of the phone. Dropping a phone mid-run can easily lead to you needing an iPhone screen replacement. But with the terrain monitoring built into Runkeeper, runners can minimize the risk of that situation.

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