160 GB iPod classic worth its weight in vinyl

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The iPod classic is a perfect device for keeping your huge and meticulously organized music collection in one location. Plus, it is small and only weighs about as much as a grown hamster, according to Brian Anderson at Motherboard. As fun as it is to imagine a sparkly silver hamster, what the iPod classic lacks in weight it makes up for it in capacity.

How much can an iPod classic really hold? Cult of Mac looked at an infographic from ConcertHotels.com that visualized its storage in terms of physical music media, or the amount of actual vinyl records that would fill the entire device. An iPod classic with a 160 GB hard drive can hold roughly 40,000 songs. If you were around for the heyday of vinyl records, then you may be shocked to know that this figure translates to about 3,180 physical albums.

The full stack of records would weigh 1,400 pounds, explained Anderson, or the equivalent of a pair of male grizzly bears. With that kind of carrying potential, you do not want anything to happen to your iPod. If you have any issues with its battery, screen or chassis, contact the technicians at iResQ to take advantage of our iPod repair services and get you rockin' again in no time.

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