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About Water Damaged Devices and How to Fix Them

If your iPhone, iPod, or other electronic devices has got wet, you know that water damage can put your device out of commission pretty easily. In some cases, the cost of getting your liquid damaged device fixed can come out more than the cost of getting a new one. In other cases, water damaged devices can be fixed for a reasonable price and can even be really cheap. Here is the lowdown of what can be fixed cheap and what can't. Let's dive in.

First off, lets talk about what CAN be fixed if exposed to water/liquid damage:
  • iPod Video/iPod Classic - If your iPod Video or iPod Classic has been exposed to moisture and has received some sort of liquid or water damage, you might just be safe. These models of iPods consist of multiple parts that can be easily replaced by one of our professional repair technicians. More than likely we would be able to repair your water damaged Video or Classic no problem! First, however, we would need to evaluate your iPod with one of our free iPod Diagnostics so we can give you a repair quote.
  • iPhones - All models of iPhones can usually be repaired after receiving water damage, but this must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Like the iPod Video and Classic, iPhones consist of parts that can be swapped out for good ones by one of our technicians. If, however, your iPhone has been fully submerged in water, chances are that the logic board in your iPhone has been exposed to moisture and corrosion has begun to take place. If the logic board is damaged, the cost of the repair can get quite pricey, especially if other parts need to be replaced on your iPhone. The logic board is the main circuit board in the iPhone that runs the operating system and stores all data on the iPhone. Logic boards coupled with other parts that need to be replaced, the cost for repair can get quite high in price. Additionally, there are some logic boards that can't be repaired if they have extensive damage. If you are unsure, you can always send in your iPhone for a free diagnostic. But, just because you think your iPhone may be too expensive to fix, you're not completely out of luck. We are currently offering replacement refurbished iPhones in exchange for your old iPhone through our "iPhone Rapid Exchange Program". We'll discuss this option with you if the worst happens, and not all devices will be eligible, but in a nutshell, through this program you send us your old and/or defective iPhone, and we send you a completely refurbished, good as new replacement iPhone for a set price. This option may be given to you as a choice for resolution during our free diagnostic.

Next, here are some special cases for liquid damaged devices:
  • iPod Nano's - This is an interesting case. iPod Nano's are very small, and typically consist of less parts than other iPods like the iPod Video or iPod Classic which means that if it gets water damaged, more than likely all the parts in the Nano would be affected. If the logic board has been affected by water damage, the cost of getting the Nano fixed would more than likely be close to the cost of buying a new Nano. So, if you have a Nano that has been exposed to a large amount of moisture, or has been completely submerged in water, chances are the iPod Nano would not be worth repair. If, however, moisture has gotten into just the headphone jack, that could be fixed relatively cheap.
  • iPod Touch's - Another interesting case. The iPod Touch is an amazing device, and one of the more expensive iPods you can buy. Let's start here, the most important (and most expensive) part of the iPod Touch is the logic board. If the logic board somehow got wet, it would need to be replaced. With the iPod Touch, the dock connector is part of the logic board, so if the dock connector got wet, the logic board is damaged. So be careful not to get any water in there! Long story short, if you are confident that the logic board did not get totally wet, then your iPod Touch will be fixable for a relatively cheap price.
  • iPads and Notebooks - Let's just hope that you didn't drop your iPad or Notebook in a pool! These devices are a special case. We can certainly fix these if they receive water damage, but they have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. To do so, order one of our free diagnostic services for the iPad or Notebook. We will give you a repair quote within 24 hours of receipt.

Keep in mind, if you left your device out in the rain for a long time or if it fell in a pool, things might not be looking too hot. Here is one repair that we received from a customer:

I was snorkeling in Hawaii with my iPhone in a waterproof case and the case leaked (or I did not close it correctly). My iPhone has been in a salt water for about 5 minutes. Once I got it out I rinsed it with fresh water and wrapped in dry napkins (we were on a boat).

Back at the hotel I gave it a bath in fresh water to try to dissolve the salt that was possibly in it.

Then I tried shaking most of the water out and then dried/heat it with a blow drier for about an hour.

Then I put it in a bag of rice to draw more moisture out of it.

When I connected it to a changer it has been dead until today (4 days after the accident). Now the screen shows Apple logo and has a lot of spots on it, nothing else works. Please let me know if it is worth saving! :) Thanks!

In this scenario, as you can tell by the customer's description, there has been major liquid contact. Since the phone was completely submerged for a period of time, there was no clear evidence of whether it could be fixed. The customer's account also indicate white spots in the screen of the phone which means the screen also was affected by the liquid. Every case is different. Please send your phone in for a free diagnosis so we can take a look and give you a fair evaluation of your options.

We hope that this little guide has helped you out. Still have questions? Did we not mention a particular model? Well, we are here to help. Please contact us at any time.