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Virginia iPod, iPhone, iPad & Macbook Pro Service & Parts

For citizens of the “old dominion” of Virginia who are using new technologies like iPads, iPods, iPhones, Mac laptop and desktop computers- don’t despair when your beloved handhelds and computers break. iResQ has the solution – mail-shipped repairs to and from our headquarters near Kansas City, Kansas! No matter where you reside in Virginia – from Norfolk and Virginia Beach to Richmond or Hampton Roads, your damaged device can reach us quickly and return to you good-as-new.

With our innovative mailers and shipping services powered by UPS and FedEx, your handheld or computer will get to our repair facilities quickly and safely. We’ll then perform the needed repairs and speed your machine back to you – we even feature tracking options should you want to monitor your device’s passage home. iResQ knows Apple and Mac repairs and how to do them right – we’ve been doing them for years!

So don’t throw away your Apple or Mac product when it gets damaged – contact iResQ and get started on the road to repair today. Virginians who do will be Virginians who are glad they did.