Verizon iPhone Repairs Made Easy

iResQ is ready to move forward and begin repairing broken Verizon iPhone 4's.

Countless customers were excited when Verizon announced they had made the iPhone available for purchase. Consumers have enjoyed getting to know their Verizon iPhones and learning all the amazing applications and actions that can be accomplished with this next generation of communication devices. Unfortunately, even new technology breaks down or malfunctions from time to time, leaving iPhone users scrambling to correct the problem without needing to buy a completely new phone and sign a new phone service contract. Maybe the screen has become cracked or damaged past the point of readability? Does there seem to be an issue with the connector which prevents the battery from charging or perhaps hooking-up to iTunes? Is the back plate/back glass cracked? “What’s wrong with it!,” users shout to the sky!

For Verizon iPhone repair, you’re come to the right place. iResQ is in the business of repairing iPhones, iPods, iPads and more. Even better, unless you happen to live in or near Kansas City and can walk in to our store for assistance, you can take advantage of our amazing mail-in repair service for your Verizon iPhone. You mail it to us; we fix it and then mail it back to you. It’s that simple, fast and convenient. Click the How It Works navigation link in the top grey bar and learn what we can do for you, what our clients say about our iPhone repair service, and get the picture on our packaging and shipping options for shipping your iPhone to us. Or click the red Repair Your iPhone button directly below and get started with your iPhone repairs for your Verizon phone.

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