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Texas iPod, iPhone, iPad & Macbook Pro Service & Parts

At iResQ, we understand the love affair between our customers and their handheld technology tools. iPods, iPhones, iPads, iBooks…..these and more have helped make life simpler and far more convenient for users. But what happens when your device breaks? You could throw it away, but think of all the information you’d be losing, not to mention the cost associated with buying a new version. Instead, why not let iResQ repair your Apple or Mac product? In the Lone Star state of Texas, repairing your broken iPod or iPhone has never been easier, despite the vast distances that separate cities in the largest contiguous state of America.

iResQ is an Apple & Macintosh repair facility for iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops and Mac desktops (Mac Minis) – we provide customers across the country with the opportunity to repair their handhelds and desktops instead of throwing them away to purchase new ones. From our 15,000 square-foot facility in Kansas City, we use innovative shipping solutions and UPS or FedEx to get your electronics tool to us fast, then we repair it and mail it back to you – normally within 1-2 business days your device is on its’ way back to your waiting arms.

Our repair services for Apple and Mac products are convenient and affordable, whether you live in Austin or Fort Worth, Dallas or Santa Fe. The protective shipping boxes and UPS and FedEx carrier services we use allow us to repair your handheld tools no matter where you reside in Texas. We also have tracking available so you can monitor your handheld’s journey to our offices and back to you. For Texas iPod and iPhone repairs and more, trust iResQ. Contact us today to get started with your certified Apple and Mac repairs.