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For anyone who has ever lost their beloved iPod due to accidental damage, some interior malfunction that rendered it useless, or has been the victim of theft or misplacement, we understand your pain and feel for you. The iPod is an amazing device and its portability makes it so handy and fun to use - a true revolutionary tool of technology and entertainment. We understand that after such a trauma, one might even want to shy away from spending the money to buy a new unit ever again and would want to consider a refurbished iPod. iResQ has good news for you!

While we do not deal in any refurbished products, including refurbished iPods, we do perform repairs on your damaged iPod to restore it and make it good as new. From iResQ’s perspective, we see no need to sell you someone else’s old and refurbished iPod when we can restore your trusted model to its former glory, complete with all the music, video, photo and game files you have uploaded onto your unit over time.

With iResQ and our ingenious (and efficient) mail packaging and delivery system, you can get your broken iPod to us no matter where you reside in the United States – including Alaska and Hawaii – within one work week no matter which state you live in. We’ll repair your iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Touch or original iPod and get it back to you as fast as humanly possible – saving you the expense of buying a new unit or the hassle of trying to find a refurbished one worth owning. Let iResQ restore your trusty iPod to full functioning fun again!

Fix your broken iPod or iPod Touch at iResQ!

iResQ has specialized in iPod Repairs since the very beginning. Being in business since 1994, iResQ is dedicated to Apple hand-held technology. It is no surprise that iResQ was the first company to offer iPod repairs to consumers, and we do it for residents of every state in the nation!

There are many different models of the iPod. Whether you have an iPod Touch with a cracked screen or an iPod Classic with a dead battery that needs replacing, iResQ can do it all. That’s why we’re in business – to keep your iPod and you in a harmonious relationship through excellent iPod repair services.

Today, we are seeing more and more of the iPod Touch model come in for repair. The iPod Touch is clearly the most popular model of iPod and most susceptible to breaking. The most common repair on the iPod Touch is iPod Touch Screen Repair. If you drop and crack the screen on your iPod Touch, depending on the model, you need the either the screen replaced, the digitizer replaced, or both. If your iPod Touch 4's screen is cracked, you need a screen replacement for it. If you have an older model iPod Touch, you may only need the glass replaced.

Other popular models of iPods that we see often are the iPod Nano Gen 6. These tiny iPods have clips on them that make it easy to use when working out. The iPod Nano is also susceptible to cracked screens which is why we offer cheap screen replacements for the Nano 6 from anywhere in the United States.

Please choose the model iPod that you have from the list above to get started on getting your iPod repaired. And remember, fixing or repairing a broken iPod is cheaper than purchasing a new iPod. It's that simple, iPod repair keeps money in your pocket!

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