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At iResQ, we sometimes get requests or questions about refurbished iPads from clients or potential customers. And while we can certainly understand the desire to save money by purchasing a refurbished product as opposed to a new unit, selling refurbished iPads is not an activity iResQ engages in. Why is that, you may wonder?

Basically, we feel our repair services for iPads are better than selling a refurbished model to you. We’d rather work with your damaged or broken iPad and repair it for you than sell you a unit that once belonged to someone else. Wouldn’t you rather get your iPad back with a new glass screen, rep­aired LCD readout, or fixed headphone jack, as well as all your playlists and files intact, as opposed to buying someone else’s refurbished model that might still contain the hyper-extended dance mix of “Friday” by Rebecca Black?

Get started with your own iPad repairs below. Just follow our simple step-by-step process and you’ll soon find your iPad winging its way back to you good-as-new.

Or check-out our testimonials section from countless satisfied clients all across the United States and read what they have to say about our rapid repairs, excellent customer service and amazing pricing structure. In the end, we think you’ll be glad you stayed away from a refurbished iPad!

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If you have a broken iPad or iPad 2 and need to get it fixed, iResQ is the place to go! iResQ also specializes in new iPad Repairs. The new iPad was introduced on March 7, 2012 and iResQ offers a series of iPad repairs should the need ever arise..

iResQ has been repairing broken iPads since the amazing device was first launched on March 12, 2010. It didn't take long before someone dropped and cracked their iPad's screen. No matter the problem, iResQ can fix your broken iPad. If your iPad has a cracked screen or the iPad has broken glass, iResQ specializes in screen and glass replacements on all models of the iPad. Other common repairs include repairing broken iPad dock connectors, iPad home buttons, and iPad volume and power buttons. If you don't know what is wrong with your broken iPad, iResQ offers a free diagnostic service on iPads at no charge to you. Simply ship your broken iPad to iResQ after placing a free diagnostic order and we will diagnose and give you a repair quote for FREE!

iPad screen replacement or iPad glass replacement is the most common repair. Just a small drop can crack your iPad's screen. A broken iPad screen with cracked glass is not only unsightly, it is unsafe to use. With iResQ, it is not hard to repair your iPad screen. It's as simple as placing your order and shipping your iPad to us for repair.

iPad home button repair is common as well. If the home button on your iPad is unresponsive, iResQ can replace or repair your iPad's home button.

Finally, among the common iPad repairs that we see are volume button and power button issues. Similar to the home button repairs, if your power/volume buttons do not work or are simply unresponsive, we can fix it for you!

There are many more products and services iResQ offers in addition to screen replacement, home button repair, or volume button/power button repair services. Check out all of our iPad repair services by clicking on the appropriate model above.

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