Press Releases

May 13, 2015
iResQ Announces Availability of K-12 and Higher Education Technology Repair Services
iResQ announces the immediate availability of the company's education repair service, enabling school administrators...(more)

October 13, 2014
iResQ Beats Out Competitors for New Mexico Schools’ Apple Repair
New Mexico and New Jersey Schools Select iResQ to Repair Apple Products...(more)

April 12, 2011
iResQ Continues to Provide iPad2 Repair Services for All Fifty U.S. States.
iResQ – a pioneering technology repair service for Apple hand-helds such as the iPhone and iPod as well as Apple desktop computer systems – continues offering repair services for the new iPad 2, available to residents throughout America due to their highly efficient mail-order system...(more)

November 30, 2010
iResQ Offers Flate-Rate Solid State Drive Replacement Services for MacBooks & MacBook Pros.
iResQ, the Midwest’s premier Apple Authorized Service Provider and forerunner of Apple computer, iPod and iPhone repairs, has added Solid State Drives to their available repairs for all MacBooks and MacBook Pros and more...(more)

June 29, 2010
iResQ iPhone Repair Embraces New iPhone 4 Screens, Backplates and More.
Kansas-based iResQ is ready to serve owners of Apple's new iPhone 4 who scratch, crack, drop, smash, or otherwise punish their devices over the course of time. Just as with its other iPhone lines, quick-turnaround nationwide full-service iPhone 4 repair is available for broken glass/digitizers, LCD screens, headphone jacks, home buttons, dock connectors, glass backplates, and more...(more)

April 5, 2010
As iPad Arrives in U.S., iPad Repair Arrives at iResQ .
The Kansas-based repair provider is ready for the iPad and all the future drops, scratches, bumps and bruises people will undoubtedly punish their devices with over the course of time. Quick-turnaround nationwide full-service iPad repair is available for broken glass/digitizers, LCD screens, headphone jacks, batteries, home buttons, dock connectors, speakers, back cases, and more..(more)

March 23, 2010
iResQ Unveils Latest MacBook Anti-glare LCD Screen/1TB Hard-Drive Replacement Services.
The Kansas-based repair provider has new full-service matte LCD replacement services for late-2009 MacBooks in addition to 1 TB hard-drive upgrades for unibody MacBooks/MacBook Pros.(more)

February 1, 2010
iPod & iPhone Repair Leader’s Improved Website Allows Order Tracking, Faster Turnarounds, New Repair Services.
With iResQ's revamped website, a brand new and better customer service experience gives customers more information and control over the whole repair process. (more)

December 3, 2009
iResQ MacBook Repair vs. Big-Box Retail: New Review in Wall Street Journal
iResQ responds to a recent blog from the Wall Street journal. (more)

October 21, 2009
Apple Authorized Repair Center Offers New MacBook Pro Repairs, Lower iPhone 3GS Pricing.
iResQ is keeping up with Apple's latest product releases by offering repair services for newly released notebook models. (more)

June 29, 2009
Apple-Authorized Service Provider Announces iPhone 3GS Repair Services
iResQ launches an iPhone 3G S repair service program! (more)

June 23, 2009
iPhone Repair Company Offers New Replacement Parts, Plus Matte MacBook LCD Screens
iResQ finds a solution to removing dust from underneath your iPhone screen as well as offering a Matte LCD Screen option for the MacBook (Pre-2009). (more)

April 20, 2009
MacBook Repair Just Got Better: New Replacement Parts and Diagnostic Pricing at iResQ
iResQ is now offering broken glass replacement on Aluminum Unibody Models. (more)

February 13, 2009
Kansas iPod Repair Company Ups Its Green Ante
iResQ increases its environmental-friendiness by partnering with a local recycling facility. (more)

November 10, 2008
iResQ Offers Full-Service Repairs on SONY PSP
iResQ officially announced today that they have begun offering SONY PSP repairs. (more)

October 14, 2007
Apple-Authorized Repair Company Hails Acquisition of iPhone 3G Parts
iResQ officially announced today that they have begun massive acquisition of iPhone 3G Parts. (more)

October 6, 2008
National Apple Repair Facility Now Offers Apple Warranty Coverage of iPods, iPhones, and More
iResQ becomes an official Apple Authorized Repair Facility. (more)

August 4, 2008
iResQ Offers Used/Broken iPhone Buyback
iResQ officially announced today that they are now purchasing used and broken iPhones. (more)