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Ohio iPod, iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro Service & Parts

From Cincinnati and Marietta to Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and beyond, owners of broken handheld technology by Mac and Apple don’t have to discard their trusted tools anymore – iResQ is here to save your day.

Operating out of our headquarters near Kansas City, Kansas, iResQ utilizes an ingenious mail packaging system and FedEx and UPS shipping services to get your damaged iPods, broken iPads, injured iPhones, non-functioning MacBook Pros and even Mac Mini desktops straight to our facilities, where we make the needed repairs and then ship them directly to your home or office. We feature tracking services, insured shipping, and the latest techniques and technology to get your beloved handhelds working again and back into your waiting arms.

Ohio residents – don’t replace your damaged handhelds; repair them instead and use that money elsewhere! Learn more about iResQ today, then contact us and get on the road to getting your Mac and Apple products repaired and working perfectly again. iResQ is here for you.