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North Carolina iPod, iPhone, iPad & Macbook Pro Service & Parts

iResQ specializes in the repair of handheld technology devices by Apple and Mac. We’ve developed a system that allows our clients to mail their damaged devices right to our Mac and Apple repair facilities near Kansas City, Kansas, using our innovative technology mailing packages and the shipping services of FedEx and UPS. Then we repair your device, ship it back to you good-as-new, and all is well. Folks who are eager for their handheld to reach their waiting arms can even use our tracking service to monitor their equipment’s voyage back to Greensboro, Boone, Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh or other towns and cities throughout North Carolina.

So if you’re a resident of North Carolina and you’ve got an ailing iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro or Mac Mini, let the friendly and efficient folks at iResQ take care of your device for you and get it back to you safe and sound. Contact iResQ today for more answers to your questions or to get going on a speedy repair for your beloved handheld or technology tool.