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Michigan iPod, iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro Service & Parts

For residents of the Great Lakes state of Michigan who have a damaged iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac desktop or Mac laptop, iResQ is here to save your trusted handheld technology device. Don’t discard your tool because of its damaged condition or due to a malfunction you can’t figure out – let iResQ fix and repair your device and get it back to you quickly and efficiently – from Dearborn and Flint to Ann Arbor, Detroit or Lansing.

iResQ is an Apple and Mac repair facility located near Kansa City, Kansas, specializing in the repair of Mac and Apple handheld devices, laptops and desktop computers. Our ingenious shipping system allows us to get your handheld or desktop device to us from anywhere in the United States – safely – and then back into your waiting arms quickly and affordably. 95% of our business is conducted through the mail system from small towns and big cities all across America, so we know how to ship, receive, repair and deliver electronic devices effectively and efficiently – including tracking options in case you want to monitor your beloved handheld’s journey back to your location.

Contact iResQ today with any question you may have about our prices and processes, or to get started on getting your Apple or Mac repaired and working good-as-new again. Read the testimonials from our satisfied clients to see what others have to say about our stellar services too – you’re not alone in your need and you won’t be alone in being delighted with our Mac and Apple repair services!