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Massachusetts iPod, iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro Service & Parts

For residents of the commonwealth of Massachusetts who have damaged Apple and Mac handheld technology tools, good news is here – you don’t have to throw away your beloved devices – iResQ is in the business of repairing them for you, fast and inexpensively.

Whether you reside in the greater Boston area, Springfield or Worcester, or hail from the Cape Cod peninsula or Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket - basically anywhere in the famed Bay State, we can fix your broken iPod, iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro quickly and effectively. iResQ is an Apple and Mac repair facility located near Kansas City, Kansas, and our ingenious shipping system packaging enables our clients to reach us with their broken handhelds from all 50 states. With UPS and FedEx providing all the shipping to and from our facilities, you know your technology is in safe hands as it makes its way to and from our headquarters and back into your eager hands.

So for repairs ranging from broken screens, damaged keyboards and faulty speakers to notebook and even desktop upgrades in Massachusetts, trust iResQ to get the job done right and get it done quickly – the first time. Contact iResQ today to get started with your handheld technology repair project. Repair, don’t replace!