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iResQ Next Day Nationwide Upgrade: 80GB, 5400RPM Hard Drive Installation & Data Transfer* Priority Service for All G4 Mac Mini

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Quick Overview

It needs a new 80BGB 5400RPM hard drive!


Minimum Downtime, Maximum Storage!

Need more storage space in your Mac Mini? We have the solution for you! You'll get our award-winning iResQ service, plus all parts and labor required to upgrade to a spacious and fast 5400 RPM 120 gigabyte hard drive. Includes full data transfer!*

The program includes:

* Installation of the hard drive upgrade of your choice
* Transfer of your data and applications to your new drive*
* Return of your old drive to you to use as an external drive, or keep as a backup!
* All this and the upgrade is performed in just 24 hours!

*Please BACKUP your data! We DO NOT guarantee the data transfer, and iResQ takes no responsibility for your data. If your data is corrupted or otherwise unable to be transferred via our normal process, you will be contacted to inform you of the issue. This is especially true for customers that have problematic drives or corrupted software that we can not resolve upon receipt. In these cases the new drive that we install will have a clean copy of your current OS installed.

To order your hard drive upgrade, call 1-888-447-3728 or simply purchase this item through our online checkout.

Purchase an optional USB or FireWire hard drive enclosure if you would like us to install your old hard drive in a case at no additional charge!

If you are installing this upgrade and would like us to buy your functioning replaced part, please let us know and we'll provide you with an offer!

AppleCare Warranty Note: If you have iResQ perform an upgrade or repair on your Mac Mini, your factory Apple Warranty will remain in tact as you purchased it from Apple. However, any new parts installed by iResQ will not be covered under your Apple Warranty, they will be covered by iResQ.


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