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iResQ 8X Dual-Layer SuperDrive Next Day Nationwide Full Service Upgrade for All G4 and Intel Mac Mini

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I want you to install a NEW 8X SuperDrive on my Mac Mini!


Burn DVD's and CD's ... all from within your Mac Mini! Fully compatible with iDVD and iTunes!

Full Mac OS support! Compatible with Mac OS 10.2.X and higher, including future versions of the Mac OS.

The Mac Mini "SuperDrive" upgrade is designed to replace your built-in CD-RW/DVD or DVD-only drive with a drive that can burn CD's AND DVD's that can be played in most consumer DVD players.

The SuperDrive upgrade is bootable (by holding down the "Option" Key during bootup), and compatible with Apple's Mac OS 10.2.X, iDVD, iTunes, Disc Burner, Apple DVD Player, Toast, and Retrospect. The drive reads at 24x, writes CD-R at 24x, writes CD-RW at 16x, writes DVD-R at 8x, writes DVD-RW at 6x, writes DVD+R/W at 8x, writes DVD-RAM at 5x, and writes DVD+R/-R DL at 4x. A 1-year warranty applies.

iResQ offers the most convenient upgrade solution in the country! The price includes pick-up at your location, overnight delivery to our repair center, installation within 24 hours, and return overnight shipping to you.

In order to be compatible with the required software, your Mac Mini must be running OS 10.4.

To get started, simply add this item to your shopping cart or give us a call at 1-888-447-3728!

If you are installing this upgrade and would like us to buy your functioning replaced part, please let us know and we'll provide you with an offer!
Burn DVD's on your Mini!

AppleCare Warranty Note: If you have iResQ perform an upgrade or repair on your Mac Mini, your factory Apple Warranty will remain in tact as you purchased it from Apple. However, any new parts installed by iResQ will not be covered under your Apple Warranty, they will be covered by iResQ.


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