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Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement for iPod Classic

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Choose this service if you are having issues with your iPod Classic headphone jack (static from headphones, no sound, or sound from only one side). One of our trusted iPod technicians will replace your broken/malfunctioning headphone jack with a brand new one!


If you are noticing a drop in audio quality on your iPod Classic and you think it's coming from the headphone jack, then this is just the service to fix it.

We can fix any issues that affect the functionality of your headphone jack, like missing sound, sound coming from just one earpiece, or artifacts during playback like static or crackling audio. We can also fix physical damage to the jack, like bending, breaks, or if something is stuck inside the jack.

If you would like to order this repair / replacement service for your iPod, then just add it to cart and proceed through the checkout process.

The great thing about our headphone jack repair service is the 1-day turnaround time! Returning your device to like new functionality is not only done on the day we receive it, but we also return the repaired iPod to you on the SAME DAY!

If you have any questions or comments, please call 1-888-447-3728.

Warranty: iResQ 90 Day Warranty
Return Policy: 30 Days for Refund


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