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Florida iPod, iPhone, iPad & Macbook Pro Service & Parts

If you reside in the Sunshine State of Florida, repairs for damaged iPods, iPads, iPhones, notebooks and Mac Mini desktops are easy thanks to iResQ. As an Apple & Macintosh repair facility operating out of Kansas City, we have devised a convenient and efficient shipping system to get your damaged electronics to us quickly, and, once repaired, back to you as fast as possible.

Our repair services for Apple and Mac products are affordable and effective, enabling Florida residents from towns from St. Petersburg to Miami to get their Apple and Mac handheld tools repaired instead of replaced. iResQ uses innovative, protective shipping boxes and UPS and FedEx carriers to ship your electronics – featuring Overnight options and a normal one to two-day work cycle to speed your item back to you. We also have tracking available so your handheld’s journey can be monitored as it makes its way back to your location.

For Florida iPod and iPhone repairs and more, trust iResQ. Contact us today to get started with your Apple and Mac repairs.