Who is Hulu?

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I know I usually post on Tuesday, but I didn’t last week, and forgot to yesterday. Here it is. A friend pointed out to me today that a new website has launched called Hulu. You may be wondering what a website with that name would do, so I will show you.

If you didn’t guess already, it is a website dedicated to have “the most comprehensive selection” of television shows, media clips and feature films. Think of it like this, if everyone could tape their DVR’s and Tivos together and make one giant collection to watch anywhere at anytime for anyone and have it be free, this would be it.

They are able to do this with limited ad support. You will see tiny snippets from various companies, they are just like commercials but shorter and (I think) a little less annoying. Thinking twice about paying to download movies and television shows from iTunes? Well, you should. Grant it you cannot download these pieces of media, but you can enjoy them on any portable device that has an internet connect and a browser that supports flash. (Sorry iPhone people, not just yet)

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